Sunday, October 4, 2015

ACTUS IV, 19th-24th october 2015

english below

19 – 24 Octobre 2015, ESAVL ( 21 rue des Anglais Liège)

Performances solo, concert installation, open session, ateliers, actions dans l'espace pubic, conférences,…

Avec Pierre Berthet, Zhou Bin, He Chengyao, Maud Hagelstein, Yingmei Duan, Anais Heraud, Chen Jin, Boris Nieslony, Gwendoline Robin, Barbara Roland, Gaetan Rusquet, Evamaria Schaller, Feng Weidong ( performers solos et conférenciers), Sylvie Pichrist, Anja Plonka, Robin Pourbaix, ... 

Curateurs: Béatrice Didier et Boris Nieslony 

Programme des rencontres publiques:

Jeudi 22 octobre 18h30:

Ouverture d' Actus IV, avec les étudiants de l' ESAVL

” La performance parle-t-elle un langage universel ? ” Dialogue ( Maud Hagelstein et Barbara Roland ) suivi de ” Focus sur la performance en Chine” (Zhou Bin)

Vendredi 23 octobre 18h30:

Performances solos

Samedi 24 octobre 16h00:

Performances Solos et Open Session

Des actions performatives et open session se dérouleront durant la semaine, dont le vendredi 10h aux alentours de l'ESAVL ( adresse à venir)
Deux ateliers d'art performance seront donnés pour les étudiants de l'ESAVL et des écoles artistiques supérieures
de Liege:
le 10 octobre de 10 à 17h00 avec Béatrice Didier
le 20 octobre de10 à13h00 avec He Chengyao

Ce projet est organisé en collaboration avec PAErsche dans le contexte d'Art of Encountering:

Avec le soutien de la Ville de Liege/ESAVL, la Province de Liège,  WBTD, WBI,Ricochets asbl
Avec le soutien espéré de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

19th – 24th of October 2015, at ESAVL ( 21 rue des Anglais Liège)

Performances solo, concert installation, open session, workshop, actions in public space, conferences,…

Pierre Berthet, Zhou Bin, He Chengyao, Maud Hagelstein, Yingmei Duan, Anais Heraud, Chen Jin, Boris Nieslony, Anja Plonka, Gwendoline Robin, Barbara Roland, Gaetan Rusquet, Evamaria Schaller, Feng Weidong, Sylvie Pichrist, …. (a.o.)

Curators: Béatrice Didier et Boris Nieslony

Proposed Programme of public encounterings

Thursday 22th october 6.30pm:

Opening of Actus IV,

” La performance parle-t-elle un langage universel ? ” Dialogue ( Maud Hagelstein et Barbara Roland ) followed by ” Focus sur la performance en Chine” (Zhou Bin)

Friday 23th october 6pm:

Performances solos

Saturday 24th october 4pm

Performances Solos and Open Session

ps: Some open session will happen in public space in the city of Liege, during the week.. On will take place friday 23th at 10am near ESAVL ( adress will come)
Two workshops of performance art will take place for students from ESAVL and superior artistic schools in Liège:
10th october from 10am to 5pm, with Béatrice Didier
20th october fro 10am to 1pm, with He Chengyao

This project is organized in collaboration with PAErsche in the context of Art of Encountering:

With the support of the City of Liege/ESAVL, the Province of Liege,  WBTD, WBI, Ricochets asbl
With the expected support of Fédération Wallonie Brussels

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WHERE THE BODY IS/WAS... soon at 10/12

July 7th to 17th 2015

Where The Body Is/Was

Performance Art

7th, 8th, 9th july from 6.30pm:
performances Where is the body
9th july from 6.30pm:
opening Here was the body
10th to 17th july 4-8pm : 
exhibition Where was the body

What would it mean if performance artists make exhibitions without showing their own bodies in live and how would those called the documentation be able to represent the live performance? Conceived by the artists Béatrice Didier and River Lin, Where The Body Is/Was is a presentation questioning the relationship between the presence and absence of the artist’s body before,during and after performance.
For transforming the meaning between the formation of exhibition and performance, the artists will be performing in the gallery until the opening of this exhibition and the audience is welcome to spectate and participate the making of the performance/ exhibition. The exhibition would be therefore conceptually closed and completed whilst it opens. During the exhibition Where The Body Is/Was, you might see those called the remains, trace, archive, or something needs to be redefined.



ABOUT 10/12

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Diagrammatic exhibition: Lying – sitting – standing – walking – jumping – flying/falling

Don't hesitate to visit this exhibition

There will be a photographical material composed in clusters and fixed flat on the wall.
We selected examples and pictures of human actions and attitudes ( patterns of movement) which refer to the title of the study and to the research: " how does an archive create knowledge?" : Lying- sitting- standing- walking- jumping- flying/falling
What is the human being doing and how?

Exhibition: 28/02 to 22/03
Opening 27/02, 6pm
Tuesday to friday: 3-6pm
Saturday: 2-6pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm
Artist talk: friday 6th march 6pm
Performance Essay by Otmar Wagner: 22/03, 7pm

Kunstlerforum, Bonn, Hochstadenring 22-24, 53119 Bonn

Participants :
Agrafiotis, Demosthenes / Andessner, Elisa / Arnold, Skip / Baren, Peter / Beltrani, Daniela / Berndtson, Anna / Byrne, Fergus / Collet, Michel / Connolly, Brian / Court, John / Das, Paramita / De Gracia, Silvio / Deus, Petra / Didier, Béatrice / Duggan, Brittany + Sky Fairchild-Walther / Dusch, Ursula / Elnile, Rosie / Ettengruber, Sibylle / Garrido, Domix / Glassner, Anne / Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar / Gruppo Sinestetico / Hasucha, Christian / Helmes, Susanne / Hinterecker, Rolf / Hochuli, Gisela / Hukkataival, Helinä / Juntaratip, Kosit / Kariel, Lior / Klingler, Monica / Koerner, Beate / Gabriel Koenig / Krischke, Petra / Linne, Beate / Mark, Elke / Meiner, Karin / Nieslony, Boris / Nikolic, Nenad „Nesha“ / Ojalvo, Nisa (photo) - performer Jan Mioduszewski / Orlando, Roberta / O'Shaughnessy, Francis / Pashias, Andreas / Pleyer, Dirk / Prada, Amapola / Reul, Thomas / River Lin Ren-Zhong / Roland, Barbara / Rosenstock, Fried / Sharrow, Margaret (Mar Shro) / Schulze-Lohoff, Annette / Schwensen, Tony / Sikorski, Tomasz / Spentsas, Aris + Rosana S. Rufete / Stiegele, Juliane / Summer, Rod / Suryodarmo, Prapto / Tajber, Artur / Tobler, Nick / Van Elsen, Anet / Verhaeghe, Valentine / VestAndPage / Wagner, Otmar / Wegerer, Roland / Wilhelmus, Willem / Willbrand, Carola + Met, Mark / Wimmer, Betty / Yamaoka, Sakiko / Zierle, Alexandra & Carter, Paul / Zollinger, Thomas


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weapon of Poetry, R-Space Gallery Lisburn, 21/10/2014

Foto @ Béatrice Didier
Fotos @ Jordan Hutchings
Foto @ Rainer Pagel

Video documentation by Maxim Surin

Weapon of Poetry was created for the R-Space Gallery, in the context of Bel - Esse Exchange organized by Bbeyond, in collaboration with PAErsche

Sunday, October 12, 2014

NEWS V, Hochbunker 101, 10/10/2014,8-10pm

Foto @ Béatrice Didier

Foto @ Béatrice Didier

Foto @ UJB

Foto @ UJB

Foto @ UJB

Foto @ UJB

Foto @Lala Nomada
Foto @ UJB

Foto @ Lala Nomada

News v was created in the context of PAErsche evening at Bunker k101

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Welcome to ACTUS III 1th october

all information can be find here:

Foto Thomas Reul